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Everything You Need To Know About Detoxification

Detoxification is a parasympathetic process, with all systems working together in sync to eliminate toxins naturally from the body.

Detoxification is the way the body heals and repairs itself. It has an internal cleansing process that takes place continuously and naturally.  Motion Potion is a herbal blend to assist this process.

The systems involved in detoxification include:

  1. Cardiovascular system
  2. Digestive system
  3. Skin
  4. Lymph system
  5. Urinary system
  6. Respiratory system

Detoxification frees vital cellular and organ activities to function efficiently.

Detoxification starts in the digestive system – from how meals are consumed, to how well your body can eliminate the food once digested.  

Incorporating Fibre into your diet is crucial to assist with regular bowel movements.  Qenda Ultimate Fibre (in products) is an excellent source of fibre.  If constipation is experienced, Psyllium Husk (see product BonVit Phsyllium Husk) is hugely beneficial.

To open up your detoxification pathways, always ensure you chew your food properly, eat a varied diet with lots of different leafy greens, stay hydrated, get plenty of fresh air, and engage in exercise every day. Dry skin brushing and saunas are amazing for supporting your detoxification, as well.


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