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Nutrition starts from within. From the food you eat, your lifestyle choices, and the way you deal with stress. I believe in the 6 foundations of nutrition. They are:

• A properly prepared, nutrient dense diet of whole foods

• A healthy digestive system
• Balance blood sugar regulation
• Adequate essential fatty acids
• Mineral balance
• Hydration

A diet rich in nutrient-dense, properly prepared, whole foods is the ultimate foundation of optimal health.

Stable blood sugar levels provide consistent energy, enable metabolic flexibility, and reduce stress on the body.

Healthy fats are required for stable energy, optimal brain function, hormone balance, and satiety.

Minerals help build bones and lend a helping hand in balancing hormones and many other key body processes.

Water is the most important
nutrient. It is required for numerous body processes and makes up 60% of our body.

If all the above are proactively nurtured, and then supported with the right supplements, you will look and feel your best. The products on my website, Health Bar, have been especially chosen to support the above foundations. New products will be added all the time, and my aim is to support women in all stages of their lives – from their 20s, through to 30s, peri-menopause, menopause and onwards. Each product is chosen to support your wellbeing and energy for a busy, fulfilling, energetic life.

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